8 Minute Timer


The 8 Minute timer can be used for various purposes. You can use this timer to set an alarm for 8 minute. If you are someone who like to take random time breaks between work in order to enhance productivity, then you can use this timer.

How to Use the 8 Minute Timer?

Using the timer is pretty easy. Simply press the “Start” button when you are ready to launch the timer. In case you want to take a break, then use the “Pause” for stopping the timer. 

Sometimes, we tend to click on the “Start” button by mistake. In such cases, use the “Reset” button and then press “Start” to launch the timer again. The timer will show a "Times Up" message when the countdown ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is countdown time?

Ans: A countdown time is a reverse timer on a webpage that counts down the number of days of time to signify the starting or ending of a specific event or a limited period offer.

Q2. Where is Google’s timer?

Ans: Simply go the clock app of your mobile phone and select “timer”. After that set your desired timer for the timer countdown.

Q3. Is there a timer on Google Chrome?

Ans: Yes, google chrome has a built in timer feature. Simply type your query and chrome will give you a timer.

Q4. How do I set a countdown timer on Windows 10?

Ans: Search for the clock app on Windows 10, click on the app, go to “Timer” tab and then set your desired countdown timer.