Random Timer Generator


Features of Random Time Generator

Simple UI

Simple and interactive user interface designed to enhance the user experience and improve functionality.

Countdown Sound

Choose from 100+ ticking audio sounds according to your taste. You can even use the standard ticking clock sound.

Play Until Stop

Ring the timer continuously like an alarm clock even when the timer is finished.  The ringing will not stop until your hit the “Stop button”

Hide Countdown

Remove the possibility of prediction with the hide countdown feature. The timer will not show any value and will simply ring when the countdown is finished.

Endless Loop

Automatically start a new countdown session as soon as the previous one ends. This is pretty useful for short rest intervals during a workout session.

Custom Timer Sound

Add your favorite sound to the time by using the custom sound feature. Alternatively, choose between cheery, rain, and other soothing sounds if that’s what you prefer.

How Does The App Work?

Set Time Interval

Set the range of your random time interval by entering the maximum and minimum values.

Set Countdown Preference

Choose if you want to see the countdown once the random time is generated or if you want to hide it and just want the timer to make a sound when the timer stops.

Tweak Loop and Stop Function

Choose the loop feature if want the timer to generate a new time interval continuously. Select the stop Function if you want to manually stop the timer by pressing the stop button.

Hit The Start Button

Once you are all set with the settings and time interval range, press the start button to use the application.

Uses of Random Time Generator

Remove the element of predictability and make tasks and games more engaging.

Improve Decision Making

Improve quick thinking and decision-making skills of employees by using an Interval timer for a particular task every now and then.

Fitness and Workout

Use the timer for your workouts. Assign random time intervals for your rest period, use it to shock the muscles, and make workout challenging.

Enhance Productivity:

Set random intervals for enhancing productivity and encouraging breaks during monotonous work.

Game Development:

Use the random time phenomenon to assign random playing reminders or weather changes for games like PUBG or Free Fire in order to add the element of unpredictability.

Hot Potato Game

Use our timer for the hot potato game and make the game more fun and thrilling. Prevent players and kids from predicting when the potato will explode by using the hide countdown feature of the application.

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