7 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

The more digitally equipped we become, the more overwhelmed we get with the tasks lying around. That’s when reminder apps get into the picture. They are incredibly useful tools that can enhance productivity and organization. 

Reminder apps help you manage time more efficiently. Setting reminders for meetings, appointments, or events is just one tap away. Using reminder apps can avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure that you are punctual and prepared. 

So let’s explore some of the Best Reminder Apps for iPhone that are designed to boost productivity, and ensure you never miss an important event again. 

Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

1. Todoist 


Todoist is one of the most versatile task management tools you cannot get enough of. Todoist offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you stay organized. The clean interface is designed to help you navigate the app freely.

It allows you to set priorities, create tasks, and add labels, and due dates. Todoist also helps you to collaborate with others, and track your productivity with insightful reports.

Todoist is integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack which makes it a go-to pick for every professional. 


  • Todoist allows you to create tasks quickly and easily
  • Offers a collaborative feature, to share work with others.
  • Equipped with Labels and Filters for convenience.
  • Allows you to track your productivity.
  • Mobile and cross-platform support

2. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft is known to have the best abilities to provide services. Microsoft to do is considered one of the most powerful management apps that help you stay on top.

Developed by Microsoft services and devices, Microsoft is a convenient choice for all, as it allows you to sync across all your devices. The app also integrates seamlessly with Outlook and also supports Siri shortcuts.  


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Sync Across Devices
  • Smart suggestions 
  • Integration with Microsoft 365
  • Feature reminders and due dates.
  • Allows personalization.

3. Things3 


Things 3 are for those who like their apps induced with aesthetic and well-designed features. It is an award-winning task manager with a delightful user experience.

This app boosts a clean and visually appetizing design while offering a robust set of features. With Things3 you can create tasks, set deadlines, add tags, and even create custom checklists to ensure nothing is missed. Things3 is well integrated with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and other devices. 


  • Features Today view that provides the overview of all tasks and deadlines.
  • Manages your tasks effortlessly. 
  • The Anytime view in Things3 helps you manage specific deadlines.
  • Features Checklist for complex tasks and projects. 
  • Quick entry feature that enables you to add tasks to Things3 quickly. 

4. Evernote


As one of the most feature-rich note-taking apps. Evernote also excels in the realm of reminders. With Evernote, you can create tasks, set due dates, and attach files or images to your reminder.

Equipped with robust reminder features this app stands out apart from other productivity apps. Evernote offers an impressive user interface.

You can easily set reminders to individual sections within a note, making it highly versatile. 


  • Evermore allows you to set reminders based on your location
  • It also sends you push notifications, keeping you updated on your tasks and schedule. 
  • Evernote allows you to attach images, files, and documents to your reminder.
  • Evernote’s powerful search functionality allows you to find specific notes quickly. 
  • Evernote’s Clipper browser extension enables you to save web pages, articles, and other online content. 

5. Due


Due is known for its simplicity and speed. A perfect reminder app for those who need a quick and efficient reminder. The Due app allows you to create reminders with preset time options.

Ensuring you never forget important tasks. What is better than features that let you set alerts and customizable snooze settings to remind you of the updates?

Due is a reliable choice for time-sensitive reminders like going to the gym or having a quick HIIT workout session at your house. 


  • Due allows its users to create reminders with convenient presets and features.
  • Due ensures that you never miss your important events.
  • Offers customizable snooze options.
  • Auto Backup and Sync.
  • Due allows you to set up recurring reminders. 

6. Trello 


Trello is supposed to be a project management tool. However, it also works as an effective reminder tool. The app is suitable for visual thinkers. With its card-based interface, Trello allows you to create tasks, add due dates, and set push notifications for the reminder.

If your priority is to manage your project effectively with additional reminder perks. Trello is an ideal option for iOS users. 


  • Trello offers customizable boards. Allows you to set deadlines for specific tasks and project
  • Trello provides notifications to keep you updated.
  • Reminder with calendar integration.
  • Checklist reminder

7. Any. do

Any. do

Any. do is a reminder app induced with an elegant design and user-friendly interface. Any.do is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity. The does everything that an ideal reminder app should do. From scheduling meetings to setting reminders, it does all.

Any. Do organize your tasks and events into lists or folders along with seamless integration with popular apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Dropbox.


  • Any. do offer a moment feature that encourages users to plan their day effectively.
  • Any. do features AI-powered assistance that can help you manage tasks effortlessly.
  • Features smart grocery lists
  • Offers collaborative opportunities
  • Any. Do offers a moment widget, that allows you to manage reminders directly from the lock screen and home screen.


Keeping up with schedules and events can be daunting. However, having a reliable reminder app on your iPhone can make a world of difference.

Whether you prefer simplicity or advanced features that integrate with another app. There is an app on this list to suit your needs. To not get swayed by the overwhelming options available on the internet. The above-outlined apps are the best reminder apps on iPhone to keep you on top of your goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does iPhone have a reminder app?

Ans: Yes, iPhone does have a built-in reminder app. The app is a pre-installed application that lets you create and manage tasks, to-do lists, and reminders. It allows you to prioritize tasks and offers features to provide necessary assistance. 

Q2. How can I put a reminder on my iPhone?

Ans: If you wish to set reminders on your iPhone, you can use the built-in reminder app. Open the reminder app on your device. Tap the + button, and in the “title field” enter the description of your reminder. Choose the date and time for your reminder and save the details. 

Q3. Which reminder app works with Siri?

Ans: Apple’s in-built reminder app works fine with Siri. However, if you are looking to add something extra to your list you can install it. Wunderlist, Todoist, Due, and Google keep. 

Q4. Is the reminder app free?

Ans: Yes, reminder apps are free to use on Apple devices. It comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. There are no additional costs to use the app. Reminder apps are convenient and accessible tools for organizing your tasks and keeping track of important events. 

Q5. Do Reminders on iPhone make a noise

Ans: Yes, reminder apps on iPhones make a sound to alert you when a reminder is due. When the reminder is triggered, your iPhone will play a sound, vibrate, and display a notification on the lock screen. 

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