Best Random Timer Apps For 2023 [Ranked]

As managing time effectively can be challenging, one innovative approach to time management involves the use of timer apps.

These apps provide a structured approach to managing, allocating time, and staying focused.

To help you break the monotony and boost productivity. Here are the 5 best random timer apps you might want to check out. 

Best Random Timer Apps For Productivity

Different app inherits different features allowing you to list and organize your tasks in a structured manner. Here is a list of the best apps in the market. 

1. Random Timer Generator

Random time generator is an app that excels in many departments. Be it improving decision-making, maintaining fitness, enhancing productivity, or gaming.

This app covers all, and most importantly its intriguing features are what makes the app reliable and worthy.

Whether you are an employee seeking productivity or a fitness geek looking to make a workout more challenging. Random timer generator serves all kinds. 

Random Time Generator Features

  • A simple user interface for easy navigation
  • A plethora of countdown sound
  • Flexibility to hide the countdown
  • Endless loop
  • Custom timer sound

2. Toggl

Toggl is a productivity tool that offers a timer feature to aid your time management. It is widely used by industry professionals to keep their time in check.

The timer feature in Toggl allows users to set intervals during which they work intensely, followed by brief periods of break.

This helps individuals to focus on their tasks, preventing burnout and helping maintain a high level of concentration. 

Toggl Features

  • Time management
  • Integrations
  • Reporting 
  • Project management 
  • Team management

3. Clockify

Clockify is another effective and free option in the realm of time-tracking apps. The app is available across various platforms like web, desktop, and mobile.

Beyond its time-tracking capabilities, Clockify offers various helpful productivity tools to keep you intact during working hours.

You can set the frequency of these tools as per the need. These tools encourage you to evaluate the current task and potentially build your confidence. 

Clockify Features

  • Time tracking
  • Project and Task management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Timer and Time Entries
  • Billable Hours and Invoicing 
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Collaboration and Team features
  • Free and Premium Plans

4. Flow

Flow is a Pomodoro timer app that helps you focus on your tasks without slipping into distractions.

Pomodoro is a technique where you work effectively for a set duration and take a brief break before starting another session.

The default time duration set for this technique is 25-5 minutes. Where you work intensely for 25 and rest for 5 minutes.

The flow app gives you the flexibility to manage time and set timer according to your task. 

Flow Features

  • Simple and Intriguing design
  • Lightweight for your device
  • Based on the Pomodoro technique
  • Blocks website to prevent distractions.
  • Provide you with session analytics. 

5. Desk Time Pro

Desk time pro is another flexible app that does not limit time tracking. Infused with productivity tools and features this app brings you an easy way to stay focused on tasks.

It is a valuable asset for office employees as it offers the basic needs of employee monitoring, including calendar, invoice, project, and task management.

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Invoice feature
  • Calendar Feature
  • Private time for the employee
  • Project and task management 


The use of a timer app can significantly improve your work life. However, finding an effective timer to manage time can be difficult. Here, Toggl, Clockify, Flow, Desk Time Pro, and Random time generator are a few best picks to help you manage time and work life. The range of features offered by these apps is worth noticing. 

From Toggl’s customizable timers that help you maintain a healthy work-life balance to the Random timer generator’s diverse preference flexibility. These apps have got your concerns covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the timer app that talks to you?

Ans: There are many apps available that provide verbal notifications and alerts to keep you on track. A talking stopwatch, 1timer, and talking timer are some excellent options to pick from. 

Q2. Is there a talking reminder app?

Ans: Yes, there are many talking reminder app available for your convenience voice reminder, To Do Reminder, Taskeet, and pi Reminder are some app that offers voice assistance besides other features of the app. 

Q3. What is the alternative to the countdown timer?

Ans: There is a list of timer apps available that offer different features that serve different needs. Kitchen timer, Google Clock, Pomodoro timer, Clockify, Toggl track, and Hourglass are a few to-name apps to choose from.  

Q4. Does Clockify have a timer?

Ans: Yes, Clockify does offer a timer feature. The app is primarily used for time tracking alongside offering a project managing tool that helps individuals and teams to track time and progress.

Q5. What is the difference between a timer and a stopwatch?

Ans: Both timer and a stopwatch are used to measure time. However, a timer is used to count down a specified amount of time and a stopwatch is used to measure the elapsed time between start and stop points.  

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