Tomato Timer | App Review 2023

In times when everything is available on your tips, distraction becomes inevitable.

Therefore, apps that aim to boost your productivity and work efficiency can be a valuable asset.

One such app is the Tomato Timer.

About Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is a productivity tool that follows a popular time management technique called the Pomodoro technique. It involves deep focus for a set duration followed by small breaks.

This method helps you bust the bubble of procrastination as it obliges you to focus on work. The default time set for this method is 25 minutes of focus work, followed by 5 minutes of break.

The app aims to enhance your productivity by helping you manage your time effectively.  

If you are looking to enhance your work productivity, but are overwhelmed with the options available. This comprehensive review might help you gain clarity. 

Best Features of the App

1. A Splendid User-Interface

The app aims to help you manage your time during work. A difficult dashboard highlighting useless icons can become another distraction.

That is why the app offers a straightforward design like Random Timer where you can easily get started with your work. 

2. Customizable Timer Settings

As the Pomodoro technique follows the 25-minutes rule. Some tasks may require a longer duration.

To not muddle with your preference, the app offers customizable timer settings. You can customize the length of each Pomodoro and break session to suit your specific needs. 

This feature allows you to adapt the app to your work style and optimize your productivity.

Also, you are allowed to turn on the notification for your next session. In case you get distracted, the reminder will bring you back to work.  

3. Pick your Theme Color

While the app is designed to keep your time in check, it also allows you to choose a gorgeous theme from their collection.

You may get bored with one color, so the app offers different theme colors to make the connection stable.

Colors play a part in helping you focus on work. Pick a different color every time your mood changes. 

4. Task Manager

The app allows you to create and manage tasks within the app. You can assign a specific task to each Pomodoro session, enabling you to track your progress and stay organized.

This feature is particularly useful for individuals juggling multiple projects or tasks simultaneously.

5. Pro Features

Tomato Timer is available in both free and paid versions, the free version features everything that can cater to your needs. However, the paid version offers a few advanced features.

  • The pro feature allows you to create to-do lists. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with a high volume of projects or tasks. Allowing them to organize and track their work more effectively.

  • You can customize your notification in the pro version. You can choose the altered tune as per your preference. You can choose from a variety of notification sounds and customize vibration patterns. That suits your work environment. 

  • Unlock the efficiency of Zen mode to remove all UI elements for a unique and minimal experience. 

Benefits of Using the App

  • Boost Time Management: When you are unable to focus on your task, this Pomodoro-based timer tool helps you get things done in a flash. Ensuring you are aligned with your focused time.

  • Enhance Productivity during Work: The number of tasks waiting on your list to be checked can be overwhelming. This can lead to distraction and procrastination. By dedicating a set amount of time to a task followed by a short break. You can maintain high levels of concentration and avoid burnout.

  • Time awareness with each session: The app helps you track each session. this means you can always measure the time you spent on a task. This gives you an insight into your work. This awareness can prevent time from slipping away unnoticed.

Limitations of Using the App

  • Lack of Advanced Feature: In the realm of productivity timers. There are many options available offering features variety. For instance, it doesn’t include integration with other productivity tools, or detailed analytics on your performance. If you require more robust functionality, you might need to supplement the Tomato Timer app with other apps or tools.

  • Less Flexibility Offered: The app follows a simple concept of providing a timer that helps you stay on track. However, the app allows adjustments within a reasonable range. Some users might have more flexibility in setting the duration of time and breaks.


Tomato Timer is a decent app for anyone looking to uplift their productivity range. It offers a customizable timer, audio notifications, task management features, and a color theme. Which helps improve focus, productivity, and time management.

While the app might lack advanced functionalities, highly specific customization options, and a desktop-centric experience, It can still serve your basic needs of handling tasks and managing time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Tomato Timer Good?

Ans: Tomato Timer is a decent app that can help you manage your time effectively. The app has an intrusive interface that follows Pomodoro Technique and induces focus within the time frame. 

Q2. Is Tomato Timer free?

Ans: Yes, Tomato Timer is free but you have to pay for accessing the full app functionality.

Q3. Does Tomato Timer work?

Ans: Yes, the Tomato timer app works. The app is designed to help users implement and follow the Pomodoro Technique. It provides a timer and notifications to track and manage your work sessions and breaks effectively.. 

Q4. Why is Tomato Timer 25 minutes?

Ans: The 25-minute duration was determined as an optimal balance between maintaining focus and avoiding mental fatigue. Francesco Cirillo coined the Pomodoro technique. Stated that working in shorter bursts of time helped individuals stay motivated, maintain concentration, and complete tasks more efficiently. 

This is why the Pomodoro technique follows the 25 minutes rule. However, users are free of their will and increase the time of their session according to their preferences. 

Q5. What is the weakness of Pomodoro?

Ans: The weakness associated with the Pomodoro technique is that one might not be pleased with the time duration. It may interrupt the flow of certain tasks that require longer periods of concentration. Pausing a task abruptly during a Pomodoro session can disrupt the continuity and make it challenging to regain momentum.

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