Tabata Stopwatch Pro | App Review 2023

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in people’s attitudes towards health and fitness.

Everyone who detested workouts and diet once is now keeping track of their calories with fitness and workout timer apps.

Whether you’re at home, traveling, or simply short on time. Fitness apps allow you to work out whenever and wherever it suits you.

With tempting features like workout routines, tracking calories, exercise demonstrations, and personal training plans.

These apps make fitness accessible to individuals of all fitness levels. One such app is Tabata Stopwatch Pro. 

About Tabata Stopwatch Pro

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a mobile application designed for individuals who practice Tabata by themselves. One of the highlighted feature of the app is the customization of time intervals during sessions. The app provides audio and visual cues to guide users through their workouts.

You must be wondering what is Tabata?

Tabata is a high-interval training. The intensity of Tabata workouts is one of their defining features. the intensity induced in the session helps improved cardiovascular endurance and overall strength.


This app is specially designed for people who love to train individually. Offering them a range of features to adjust their intense training sessions.

1. Customizable Interval

Every individual has the capacity they put into the workout. Some may need a 20-sec break between the sets. While some may need 30 sec, whatever your range is.

The customizable interval duration allows users to create and save their custom intervals. For those with specific training goals, this feature is quite helpful.

2. Audio and Visual Cues

One main obstacle people face during workouts is zoning out, or drifting away from their tracks. The audio and visual cue feature helps the users to stay concrete on their goals.

This feature ensures that users stay on track with their workout intervals. Clear prompts help users switch between exercise and rest periods. Maximizing the effectiveness of their training. 

3. Stopwatch and Timer

The app features stopwatch and timer similar to the Random Timer. This versatility makes it useful for other types of workouts or activities that require precise timing.

Whether you prefer Tabata or weight lifting. This feature will help you set up precise intervals for active workout sessions. 

4. Interval and Circuit Modes

Not only the intervals, but the app offers circuit modes. Interval modes are suitable for traditional Tabata workouts, with 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

You can adjust and modify the circuit modes according to your preference. This method allows users to set more diverse interval setups. Accommodating various training protocols. 

5. Usability and User Experience

  • It offers an attractive user interface for convenient and easy navigation within the menu.
  • This app is designed for all fitness levels besides Tabata Training.
  • The clean and sleek design ensures that users can easily set up their intervals, and continue to workout without hassle. 
  • The customizable features highlight the app’s usability. Catering to individual’s preferences and training needs.  
  • The app features audio and visual cue to eliminate distractions and obstacles. Providing a well-timed and clear workout interval. 
  • The ability to save and load custom interval settings makes it convenient for users to go back and forth between different routines. Without having to reconfigure the stopwatch every time. 

Benefits of Using the App

  • Improved Performance: The app’s main objective is to introduce you to flexible time intervals. That helps you manage time during training sessions. The accurate timing and interval prompts help users to maintain a proper workout throughout. Maximizing their performance during the intense training session. 

  • Time Efficiency: The stopwatch eliminates the need for manual timing with its precise interval and rest periods. This allows users to focus on workouts and save time to ensure optimal use of training sessions. 
  • Motivation and Accountability: Once you are held accountable for your workouts there is no going back to lousy training sessions. The audio and visual cues act as motivation and help users to stay connected during the workout 

  • Track Progress: The ability to track progress and achievements during workouts adds an element of accountability. It provides detailed statistics, including total workout time, calories burned, and average heart rate. This boosts the overall adherence to the training program.

  • Integration with Music and Spotify: For many fitness enthusiasts, exercising to music is a significant source of motivation. Tabata Stopwatch Pro collaborates with your device’s music library. Also, if you are a Spotify user, the app allows you to stream music directly. Eliminating the need to switch between apps during your training sessions.


  • While the app offers a plethora of features, at the end of the day its software is bound to glitch. Users have occasionally pointed out that the application often glitches and malfunctions. Hinders the ability to focus on training.

  • The free version of the app may have limited functionality. Certain advanced features are only available through in-app purchases.

Is Tabata Stopwatch Pro Worth Trying?

The app worth it for individuals who perform Tabata or other interval-based workouts. Since Tabata stopwatch pro offers a range of features it can benefit you during your intense training sessions.

The customizable interval timer offers flexibility for individual performance and fitness goals.

Another aspect that makes the application worthwhile is the audio and visual cues. This feature ensures that users are focused and motivated during their workouts.

One of the essential objectives for users. This helps them maintain proper intensity, maximizing the effectiveness of their workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Tabata Really Works?

Ans: Yes, Tabata training also referred to as HIIT training is an efficient method to improve your cardiovascular health. It is proven to tackle other aspects of health such as strengthening the core, burning fat, and building muscles. 

Q2. Is 20 minutes of Tabata enough?

Ans: 20 minutes is the standard time duration for any workout. Since Tabata is a high-intensity workout. A 20-minute routine followed every day can significantly improve your overall health and fitness. 

Q3. Is Tabata good for weight loss?

Ans: Tabata can be an effective training for weight loss. Due to its high-intensity nature, it can help burn maximum calories promoting fat loss. Tabata can also help preserve muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

Q4. What are the disadvantages of Tabata?

Ans: Since Tabata’s training is extremely intense, it may not be a suitable training option for all. Overtraining or not allowing enough recovery time can lead to fatigue and decreased performance, promoting the risk of injuries. 

Q5. Is Tabata safe for beginners?

Ans: Tabata training can be intense and may not be suitable for beginners. If you are completely new to exercise and wish to perform Tabata. It’s ideal to start with low impacts workouts. As you get habitual with the training, you may gradually increase your intensity and time interval to reap maximum benefits. 

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